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My name is Anas Ebrahem and I was made for Marketing, Social Media and PR. I am Passionate & Obsessive about MARKETING!! I love marketing. It’s like a giant puzzle to me, trying to figure out the niche/positioning. It’s like trying to see what is missing, what isn't there. I like measuring the results. Checking the stats. Growing the sales. Increasing the ranking. Building the buzz. I am passionate about all things marketing, communications, media, and social media. All of the aforementioned are important in terms of branding, customer relations, differentiation, and public image. Besides that, social media is more important today ever changing and evolving. I like that it's one of those innovations that keep marketers on their toes. I find that my positive attitude and outlook on life inspires others as well as myself. Sometimes you can be your biggest critic but you can also be your biggest supporter. With a positive attitude NOTHING can stop you. I have a strong work ethic and I am open to new experiences. I am someone who is very coach-able and able to take direction but I am not afraid to take risk and step up to the plate. I am always seeking new content and trying to learn as much about everything as possible. It is important for a marketer to have that mindset because the world is forever changing and we must be able to understand those changes and adapt quickly. I am a life-long learner. To me, life is all about learning. I’m fascinated by all the things I don't know or don't know how to do. Even though I know I can't master everything (obviously), I like to stretch myself to grow in new directions all the time. Even as a kid, I read voraciously & loved discussing new things we were learning. One of my favorite things to do is to share something new I've learned! Learning helps connect people together. The more you learn, the more you find in common with others but also you find a deep respect for the differences as well. I believe I have to keep up with what is current in marketing to be the best marketer that I can be. I know I can always do more, do better & lifelong learning is my way of always striving to be better than good. Why do I keep on learning?   Because I just can't help it - I think its part of my personality. How boring would it be to not be learning anything new? Where's the challenge in that? And I'm eclectic in my learning, I’m curious about all sorts of things I like to learn things that are new to me because that makes my life interesting. I like to know more about things I am interested in. I am always on the lookout for information that will make me a better Marketer.

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Branding|PR,Marketing Communications|Advertising|Social Media,Digital&Content|Marketing & Sales |CX|Retail|Graphic Design|Creative|IoT|E Commerce|Storyteller

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